What is Unit?
Unit is a cross-platform app that helps easily create, keep and access all your notes.
With Unit you can organize your data in hierarchical structures and easily manage different types of content such as text, checklists, pictures, URLs.

Who is Unit for?
Unit is for everyone who wants to keep notes organized and be able to build personal knowledge base.

When Unit will be released?
Beta version will be available at the end of 2018.
We’re planning to make public release after a couple months of testing.
Unit is developing by small team of three people and we’re doing our best to release it as early as we can.

What platforms Unit will support?
At early stage Unit will be available on iOS only. Little bit after we will release Web and Android apps.

Is Unit free?
Once Unit launches after the beta test, it will be completely free. However, we will also provide a paid plan with additional functionality.
Also, we will provide nice bonuses for all beta-testers.
Sign up to be one of them.