Why are you doing this?
Information is all around us. And it’s growing rapidly.
Ideas, thoughts, documents, articles, links, addresses, names, numbers etc. There is a ton of data that people want to save, organize, keep and access easily. And note-taking software should help with it. But, unfortunately, usually, it can’t.
Note-taking space didn’t have much innovation in the last decades. Almost all the apps on the market are using the pretty old concept – it’s just a digital version of the classic typewriter. As well as the majority of apps could not manage a lot of content efficiently – often people face disorganization and lose control of their data.
We believe that data can serve you only when you control it.
That’s why we decide to make Unit.

How do you want to do this?
We think that today, when there is an enormous amount of information around us, note-taking software should be not only a document editor but also should give us the ability to easily collect together different types of data and effectively manage it.
Unit is bringing the new concept which can be described as a combination of traditional document editor and the file management system.
We believe that this approach is more efficient for modern note-taking.

What is Unit?
Unit is a note-taking app that provides a completely new experience of creating, organizing and managing all your notes.
With Unit you can organize your data in hierarchical structures and easily manage different types of content such as texts, lists, to-dos, images, web links, files etc.

Who is Unit for?
Unit is for everyone who wants to keep notes organized and be able to build personal knowledge base.

What platforms Unit will support? Web? Mac? Android?
Currently Unit is available for iOS only.
We’re planning to release Web app in the next coming months and apps for all other popular platforms until the end of 2019.

Why do you require to log in?
We need accounts (and require to log in for that) to synchronize data between the different devices/platforms and to backup users’ data.
We care a lot about your privacy and will never sell or share your information with anyone. We also will never send you any unnecessary emails or spam.

Why are you not using iCloud sync?
As already mentioned above we’re planning to release the apps for the very different platforms, not only for Apple devices. Since iCloud sync works only for Apple, we need to have our own solution to make sync possible between all of these desired platforms.

Is Unit free?
Currently Unit is absolutely free. In the future, we will provide a paid plan with additional functionality.
Also, we will provide nice bonuses for all early users.
Sign up to be one of them.